Bullseye Boot Camp
Featuring Brian “Gunny” Zins 12x National Pistol Champion
A 5 day workshop, 9am-5pm,  following a modified AMU/Marine Pistol workbook regimen with the first day primarily in class, and the next 4 days working on the range, with individual coaching and training with Brian, culminating in a sanctioned coached 1800 match on the 5th day.  
Provided in this course are Targets, course materials and assorted Sponsored giveaways.
You will need the following:

.22 , Center Fire Pistol/.45, and if you desire , a .45 service pistol – can be iron sights or with optics
200 or so rounds per pistol per day for range training, plus enough for an 1800 match (.22 and CF/45)
Also the requisite safety equipment – ears, eyes, notepad etc.

And…the desire to move your game to the next level!

Per person rate is $1100.00 Including Range Fees